Attention: Anyone wanting to finally build wealth online…

The Easiest Formula for Predictably Creating
Wealth and Passive Cash-Flow Without Any

These are the exact same 7 steps that took me from
$1.5 million in debt to having an 8-figure net worth


Dear Reader,

You’ve heard the old adage, “cash is king”, right?


If you’re like most people, having more money than you need at the end of the month isn’t that common.

But, having less money than you need at the end of the month is eventually called… bankruptcy!

I know this first hand. Read on…

Maybe you’re someone who knows that being handcuffed to your desk and the 9-5 grind is definitely NOT for you…and instead, you want to create wealth and a freedom lifestyle (like I have) without wasting years not knowing what exact actions will get you there…

Then this is the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s why…

I’ve actually been $1.5 million in debt, with no way to pay it back.


I was bankrupt!

And you know what?

Nothing has ever been more humiliating, depressing, or downright sickening for a “successful” person to go through.

Imagine waking up every day feeling hopeless or that you’re not even worthy of the love of those around you.

Heavy, right?

Many people I work with have (or have experienced) some amount of debt that lives in the background, consuming their thoughts, eating away at their peace-of-mind day after day.

Even if your debt is far less than mine was… you know that if you don’t have money coming in to pay that debt off, it constantly weighs on you.

So, imagine what it’d be like to be $1.5 million in the hole with absolutely no hope in sight.

Here’s the thing…

Before I was 7 figures in debt, feeling absolutely hopeless… I had always known I was going to be financially successful.

I had actually told my mother at the age of 10, “I’m going to be rich.”

After my bankruptcy, I wasn’t even able to work in my chosen career of real estate.

There was no business to be had and I was so emotionally distraught, I couldn’t even show my face.

I got a job at 7-11 on the midnight shift way across town so people wouldn’t recognize me. Then I got a job in the kitchen at the hospital delivering food to the elderly in the care facility.

But, even while scrubbing dishes, that fire to succeed still burned deep within my soul… the look of a hungry, determined fighter remained in my eyes.

It took a couple of years before I was back in the real estate game. And a little longer to make my millions through real estate and investing here in Canada.

Then, I was presented with an opportunity that I took advantage of.

And from scratch, I created and grew a multi-million-dollar business…

I had far more money at the end of the month than I needed.

And I even began to travel the world!

I’ve now gone on to share the stage, speaking with people like Mark Victor Hansen (co-creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series), Bob Proctor (featured in the hit movie “The Secret”), and Doug Wead (bestselling New York times author and advisor to two US Presidents).

By using a little known and even less understood simple strategy,

I’ve even increased my net-worth by $600,000 in a single day!

I’ve made money, lost it all, then gone on to now have an 8-figure net worth.

And you know what?

The people who say “there’s no real secret to being successful, it’s just hard work!”…

Well sure, I can get that.

But when you see someone like a Shaolin Monk balancing his entire body on two single fingers? Well, I’m the first to admit he might have a few “secrets” that could help.

And it’s the same thing with making money.

Hard work is par for the course right?

But hey…

You’re going to do the work anyway, so why not become wealthy as you do?

I’ve come to learn there are habits, strategies, and little known ways of training your mind that can almost instantly unleash an unstoppable avalanche of wealth, success, and prosperity FAR FASTER than by just practicing finger pushups on your own would.

And here’s one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from my own experience:

Creating Wealth is a Process, Not an Event

The world we live in has trained us to view “events”. The billion-dollar purchase of a company with zero in revenue, the lucky stock pick, or blindly jumping aboard whatever the new bright and shiny trend of the day is.

But what they tend to leave out is everything that has gone on before that one event. Most importantly, the specific habits practiced day after day after day, creating the opportunities and opening the doors which led to their ultimate success.

And I’ll make you this promise:

If you focus on the process (I’ve distilled it into 7 simple steps) instead of the event, you’ll become wealthier and more successful FASTER than you would’ve any other way.

I guarantee it.

Which is why I want to share something with you today…

A few years ago I took some of the most effective proven strategies I’d learned in going from $1.5 million in debt, to having a multi-million-dollar net worth, and put it into a book:

‘The 7 Minute Millionaire – How To Think Yourself Rich’

Here’s what some people are saying…

“What I appreciate about this simple but powerful advice is that unlike many authors, I found this book to be a “relief” in as much as most people can execute Mr. Neumeyer’s strategies. Thanks for keeping it simple.”

Rick T
Vancouver, Canada

“Here are the stepping stones to dreams come true. Tony’s 7 Minute Millionaire shares a simple method that makes sense and has worked for many others.”

Doug Wead
TX. New York Times bestselling author and former White House adviser to two American presidents

“Is your life and everything you want worth 7 minutes per day to you? The mind is a muscle and like all muscles it must be stretched and exercised. In this book, The 7 Minute Millionaire, Tony Neumeyer lays down in easy to understand terms how you can create PPMs, or Personal Programming Messages, that will positively impact you all day long. I know this works because these strategies took me from poor farm-boy to self-made multi-millionaire. You’ll love the book. Even better you’ll love your new life once you put this book into practice.”

Marshall Sylver
CA. Author of “Passion, Profit, and Power”

My personal clients and the readers who actually applied the information have at times experienced what look like miraculous results. In fact, I don’t know anyone that has implemented these strategies that hasn’t benefited massively from doing so.

Previously, they’d actually been trying to pursue their goals while at the same time having their mental parking brakes completely locked down.

Yet, when shown just a few simple steps, they were able to get rid of nearly everything holding them back.

Then, with absolute clarity and no chains holding them back, they immediately accelerate in the direction of their goals. Especially towards creating wealth through multiple streams of income.

But I continued to get asked for more…

Something even more in depth, where I personally walk through all of the steps, strategies, and proven methods contained in the book. While also sharing more about why they really work and why similar methods that lack even just a simple little twist do not.

Which is why I’ve created a course called…

Perpetual Wealth: 7-Steps to Prosperity, Wealth and Freedom

The Easiest Formula for Predictably Creating Wealth and Passive Cash-Flow Without any Guesswork

(Online or Offline)

In creating this program for you, I coined a new term; “Perpetual Wealth.” What is Perpetual Wealth?

Perpetual Wealth is increasing your cash flow and growing your net worth continuously, consistently and most important, passively.

That’s increasing your income and net worth year-after-year… without getting out of bed.

How does that sound?

My results-focused, step-by-step formula ensures you have the needed tools to create the exact lifestyle you want for yourself or your family.

It works even if you have:

  • Started, failed, and gotten burned in the process more times than once
  • Read all the books you can get your hands on, but have yet to see the light at the end of the tunnel
  • Find yourself working more and more to make more money, while getting frustrated that you don’t have any time to spend it
  • Or EVEN IF you feel like you’ve tried absolutely everything!

This isn’t just the formula I teach hundreds of other folks, just like you — it’s the formula I used myself to go from suffocating debt and zero income, to a 6-figure business in a matter of 12 months…

But before I tell you what the Perpetual Wealth course is, I need to tell you what it ISN’T, so there’s no false expectations…

This course is NOT another get rich quick scheme. (you know the ones I’m talking about…)

And it’s not just more “rah-rah-you-can-do-it” information leaving you feeling terrific in the moment, but seeing ZERO changes in your business or life just one month later…

Don’t you think you’ve done plenty of that before? Isn’t it time to start using what’s PROVEN to work?

Rather, the course, Perpetual Wealth: 7-Steps to Prosperity, Wealth and Freedom is the direct result of over 30 years of study, hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in training materials and personal coaching, as well as endless digging through the trenches to find what REALLY works for entrepreneurs wanting to create REAL wealth and a lifestyle on their terms…

  • Enjoying a life where you have complete control over your time, and the freedom to do what you want,where you want, whenever you want
  • Knowing the exact actions to take in order to create your ideal lifestyle. Whether it’s working from the beach or at the city office, you’ll know exactly how to make it happen
  • Feeling confident as you tell your family and friends of your newest business ventures and how you’re able to travel, work when you want, and have money to help when something comes up
  • All while you apply your “golden touch” to just about anything you want to make happen

Simply put… this is for people who are ready to stop looking for “miracles” and start ensuring powerful, predictable results…

Creating Perpetual Wealth requires that you create extra cash-flow. One of the easiest ways to do that is to create a profitable online business. What I’ve done is make this as easy as humanly possible.

While building an online business and “financial fortress” isn’t “easy” (nothing worthwhile is), THIS makes it much more of a snap because I show you the exact process required!

I also focus on using “wealth accelerators” to super charge and grow your net worth exponentially. This will likely be something you’ve never done or even heard of, but it’s made me millions of dollars (see the Club bonus below).

So, if you’re like most folks reading this right now, and you’re 100% ready for REAL answers about how to create real life-changing wealth, here’s just some of the actionable information you’re going to receive immediately today:

  • A little known strategy that has made me well over $10 million
  • How to become the go-to leader or expert in any field you choose
  • The #1 rule that absolutely MUST be observed if you want to succeed online
  • How to write a book in 48 hours – virtually without ever actually writing a single word (this works for more than just writing a book)
  • The secret tricks of “leveraging” your lifestyle on any income
  • The correct way to use the law of attraction with scary levels of predictability
  • A surprisingly powerful way anyone can use just an email list (no product required) to make handfuls of cash month after month
  • The honest, no “bull crap” truth about finding your passion – even if you think you don’t have one
  • The one basic secret of successful email marketing
  • How a simple adjustment in your existing cash flow can give you passive income
  • How to write compelling emails that make you money and instantly grow almost any business your involved in
  • Clear and straight-forward advice that will instantly make you more productive
  • The #1 mistake people make when setting goals and how to avoid it
  • How even “beginners” are able to create extra thousands of dollars each month through simple online businesses
  • The powerful “equalizer” you can employ to beat out those more talented, more experienced and richer than you
  • How to automatically attract your ideal clients and customers by using free information
  • A near definitive website “tool kit” which can save you from wasting thousands of dollars
  • How to tell if a niche is worth pursuing without spending a penny
  • And much, much more…

Here’s what some people have said about it…

“Practical and direct are two words I would use to describe the influence I get when following the training from Tony Neumeyer. Step-by-step I’m able to apply very simple daily actions to my normal routine that propel me further and closer to my goals and financial achievements. In a world of excessive online rhetoric and wasted time following empty messages, it’s a real pleasure to have Tony Neumeyer in my corner with information that actually makes a difference. In life generally we don’t know what we don’t know and turning to Tony Neumeyer for updated current online success habits puts me in the know quickly and effectively.”

Darren Cole

Personal & Team Development Consultant Author - A Blinding Flash of Reality

“Tony has nailed it! Perpetual Wealth is presented in a step-by-step fashion that leads you to creating huge cash flow. The principles are tried and true. They simply work! “

John B

Vancouver, BC

“I’ve been around online marketing for several years and come across all sorts of programs – most of which are just hype. Tony’s program is different. He teaches core principles that you need to build any successful business. On top of that, he gives detailed instructions how to succeed in email marketing. Thanks to Tony’s information, I was able to add another 5-figures to my yearly income.”

Hays M

Melbourne, Australia

“We should all be striving for Perpetual Wealth, it’s achievable by anyone that commits to it. The 7-steps are simple, understandable and doable!”

Tanya O

Campbell River, BC

“This is invaluable to achieving total freedom. It gives me the track to run so I can create my own process, business and Perpetual Wealth.”

Carol G

St. John, NB

“I’m writing this to give a quick thank you to Tony Neumeyer and his Perpetual Wealth program. As a young, ambitious entrepreneur I’m always on the outlook for ways and means to improve my focus, performance and net worth. After having learned from Tony over the past few months, I can tell you that I’ve improved in more than just one area of my business. What I found particularly useful about the Perpetual Wealth course is the daily time efficiency training. This is a must do for every entrepreneur. Next, Tony teaches specific systems that you can use to build a profitable online business. He is very detailed in his methodologies and leaves no stone unturned. With that said, whether you’re looking to improve your entrepreneurial skills, or want to build a very profitable online business, Tony is your solution. “

Gerald A

Bangkok, Thailand

Have a look at what’s included in Perpetual Wealth:
7-Steps to Prosperity, Wealth and Freedom,
all intentionally designed to rapidly get you on
the path to creating your ultimate lifestyle:

  • Eight videos that detail from start to finish everything you need to succeed in life, build an online business and create Perpetual Wealth
  • Video #2 contains the exact steps I’ve followed and that I teach my personal coaching clients (who pay me $2,500 per hour) — it’s my unique 7-minute success formula for creating your best life
  • In Video #3 you’ll learn the almost foolproof technique of creating businesses and products almost guaranteed to succeed online. I’ll also show you the absolute fastest and easiest way I’ve ever seen to become an expert in any field you want
  • In Videos #4 and #5 I share with you some of the most effective and surest strategies I’ve discovered to quickly launch and sell your products, scale your business, and immediately ramp up to your target income. These ideas and templates have cost me well over $17,000 but have returned their investment almost immediately each time I use them
  • Videos #6 and #7 is where I pull back the curtain and walk you through everything you need to know and implement in order to not only create wealth, but to have it passively grow without you even thinking about it. This is the real deal. The part that isn’t found in any other course that I’m aware of. I’ve spent decades learning it, perfecting it, and having my life transformed by it. Now it’s all yours
  • Video #8 you’ll put everything you’ve learned into a process to ensure your financial future isn’t just another wish. It’s your personal Perpetual Wealth Plan
  • Eight audios of the videos
  • A 165-page manual which is the transcript of the videos for you to follow along with, highlight and keep notes on
  • 85-page Workbook with exercises and study points. This is your step-by-step blueprint to creating an online business and Perpetual Wealth
  • PDF version of the slides from each of the eight videos
  • My proprietary Time Efficiency Analyzer
  • My interactive Daily Efficiency Organizer with video instruction on its use

My personal one on one coaching clients pay me up to $2,500 per hour for this exact information, but the offer I have for you today isn’t even half that at $1,250.

The regular retail price of the course is normally $497, but since you’ve read this far, the offer we have for you today is even greater than 40% off of that!

But you won’t just be receiving Perpetual Wealth: 7-Steps to Prosperity, Wealth and Freedom today…

You’ll also be receiving 7 additional FREE bonuses by ordering today:

BONUS #1: A nine-video copywriting and email marketing course which includes 24 copywriting, copy and paste formulas. Plus, several other simple and powerful strategies from some of the world’s leading experts when it comes to creating copy and emails. This course alone is worth $497!

BONUS #2: Audio versions of the same nine videos so you can download them, take them with you and listen to them repeatedly and conveniently as you drive or exercise. The audios normally retail for $97!

BONUS #3: Transcript of the videos in the form of a manual so you can make notes, write down ideas, and execute quickly and effectively.

BONUS #4: A PDF version of each of the slides for the nine videos so you don’t have to worry about missing absolutely anything during any of the presentations and can be completely present.

BONUS #5: Copies of professionally and personally written emails (often referred to as swipe files) used in past campaigns and product launches that worked! I paid over $7,000 to have these professionally written. They’ve created literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.

BONUS #6: Sales page examples that you can use as samples to create your own pages. You won’t have to waste time or money wondering what you’re going to use to sell your products or services! It’s all right here, just waiting to be used.


BONUS #7: A special recorded version of the live Q&A webinar early adopters of the program received. You’ll hear the live questions and answers from real program members and users that will help propel your success.

You can probably imagine why even if we were charging $497 for the course today it would still be a bargain, right?

The bonuses alone are worth over $6,000!

This online version of Perpetual Wealth: 7-Steps to Prosperity, Wealth and Freedom is being offered at this incredible discount today for only one reason…

I’ve been where you’re at right now.

I know what it’s like to worry about money, wanting to start a business or invest, but not knowing exactly where to begin.

My mission is to create 10,000 millionaires using this program, who better understand and LIVE the transformational principles of Perpetual Wealth.

That means you won’t be paying the retail value of $497 for Perpetual Wealth: 7-Steps to Prosperity, Wealth and Freedom today…

Not even close.

Take 25% off… and you’re STILL not close!

It’s not even going to be $300.

Your total investment today, including the Perpetual Wealth course, PLUS all the bonuses is only: $297

Better still…

You have two ways of paying.

First, a one-off payment of just $297 or…

Two low payments of $150!

And it gets better…

Because you can buy now with ZERO RISK with my 30-day Money Back Guarantee…

Try Perpetual Wealth: 7-Steps to Prosperity, Wealth and Freedom for 30 days…

If you don’t find the program is a fit for you, you don’t think you can do what’s being asked, or EVEN IF you don’t like the sound of my voice in the videos…

No worries! I’ll refund every penny you invested today.

No questions asked. No hassles. And we’ll still part as friends.

It is an absolute RISK-FREE offer.

It’s the kind of offer I’ll teach you about inside the course, where I’ll show you what must be in place for your offers (among other things) to be successful.

Click below to take me up on my lowest cost ever for this program with absolutely no-risk to yourself:

As soon as you click the yellow buy button above, you’ll be taken to our 100% secure checkout page, where we’ll process your order.

Then immediately after that, you’ll receive an email from me with credentials allowing you to access the entire course (it’s ALL there), and every single one of the bonuses.

In the words of Thomas Jefferson:

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. ACT! Action will delineate and define you.”

To your prosperity,

Tony Neumeyer